Nov 6, 2014

Complications of bladder infection

Untreated bladder infection may lead to worsen symptoms and results not just annoyance but chronic disease even life-threatening condition. When you experience the symptoms such as cloudy urine, burning sensation when urinating, persistent and frequent urge to urinate, urine that appears cola or bright pink colored, and strong-smell urine than you might be have urinary tract infection or may be bladder infection in specific. Go to a doctor and find out what happen to your urinary systems for exactly.

Bladder infection can cause by bacterium such as E.coli that inter your bladder through the urethra. This E. coli grows inside the bladder or urethra and causing inflammation. With proper treatment, this infection wouldn’t cause any other problem but in very rare cases, this infection may cause complications such as stated below:

Bladder infection complications

1. Sepsis – This term refers to a bladder infection complication when the bacteria that caused the infection spread into a patient’s bloodstream. Those who get sepsis commonly will experience symptoms such as chills, fever, dizziness, increase heart rate, confusion, breathing difficulties, and rash. Untreated sepsis may lead to a dangerous health condition.

2. Kidney damage – The bacteria in bladder that cause infection can travel up through the urinary tube into the kidney and causing kidney problems, including kidney infection called pyelonephritis, untreated pyelonephritis can cause permanent kidney scaring. Those who experience this kidney problem may experience symptoms such as lower lack pain, high grade-fever, urgent urination, and the presence of blood in the urine.

3. Pregnancy risk – When this infection affects to pregnant women, the complication may increase the risk of getting a low-birth-weigh infant, and also, it can trigger an early labor in pregnant women. To avoid this condition, often health practitioners suggest pregnant women to receive periodically urine testing to check the presence of any infection in their urinary systems. Those pregnant women who not following this regular urine check up, should extra careful, when they experience bladder infection symptom, go to a doctor to get a proper diagnose and early treatment. Filed under Disease and Condition Tagged bladder infection, blood in the urine, dangerous health, kidney damage, kidney infection, sepsis.